IAEC Togo is currently running 25% discount off tuition fee for Spring semester admissions

IAEC University Togo is currently running a 25% discount promo off tuition fee for Spring semester admissions. IAEC is a highly rated University in Lome, Togo that fosters diversity and provides an intellectual environment that produces the next generation of leaders and advances tomorrow’s thinking. For more information regarding the aforementioned, Contact us via WhatsApp +228 977 387 28. Offer valid until March 16th, 2020 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: For an undergraduate programme at IAEC University, you must meet the following requirements: 5 O’Level credit including Math & English (Not more than 2 sittings Birth Certificate, 2 Passport Pictures Application form duly filled [...]

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IAEC UNIVERSITY PRESENT STUDENT’S WEEK 2019/2020 ACADEMIC SESSION FEATURING DAY1: Cultural Day DAY 2: Games Competition DAY 3: Jersey Day/ Football match between french and english students DAY 4: Rest Day DAY 5: Visit to A Motherless Babies Home Day 6: Freshers Day ACTIVITIES AND LEARNING FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVANCEMENT Of IAEC STUDENTS. AT IAEC WE FOCUS ON EXCELLENCE

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13th December Christmas Carol Night

CHRISTMAS CAROL NIGHT  A Christmas carol (also called a noël, from the French word meaning "Christmas") is a carol (song or hymn) whose lyrics are on the theme of Christmas, and which is traditionally sung on Christmas itself or during the surrounding holiday season. Christmas carols may be regarded as a subset of the broader category oF Christmas songs, which will be observed by the school on the 13th of December, 2019.

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PROJECT DEFENSE & EXAMINATIONS  At the end of every seater exams will be conduct to grade and know if the student is academically sound in his/her field of studies and all students must participate in the examinations. And also all graduating  students will present their project work. Start from 17th of February to 29th of February 2020.

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1st of February 2020 Matriculation Ceremony

MATRICULATION DAY   The ceremony will be observed by the school on the 1st of February, 2020. The Matriculation Ceremony is a demonstration of the adoption of student's duties and obtaining of student's rights by all Freshers(100l Students). The ceremony itself involves students taking the Matriculation Oath of the University and symbolically touching the Faculty mace and shaking the Dean's hand.

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