Choosing the right faculty is a pivotal decision in your academic journey, and IAEC University Togo’s Faculty of Engineering stands out as a premier choice for numerous compelling reasons.

  1. Cutting-Edge Programs: IAEC University Togo’s Faculty of Engineering is dedicated to delivering innovative and industry-relevant programs. Our curriculum emphasizes applied knowledge and practical skills, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped for the challenges of the engineering world.
  2. Expert Faculty: Our faculty members are accomplished experts in their respective engineering disciplines. They bring a wealth of experience and real-world insights to the classroom, nurturing the next generation of engineers.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: IAEC University Togo provides access to modern laboratories, research facilities, and libraries, ensuring that students have the latest tools and resources to excel in their studies and research endeavors.
  4. Global Perspective: Our diverse, international student body fosters a rich and multicultural learning environment. This global perspective prepares students for an interconnected world, which is invaluable in today’s engineering industry.
  5. Career Opportunities: The Faculty of Engineering at IAEC University maintains robust connections with industry partners, offering students internships, co-op programs, and networking opportunities that facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce.
  6. Research Opportunities: For those passionate about research, IAEC University Togo encourages and supports students in pursuing cutting-edge engineering research, contributing to advancements in the field.
  7. Community Engagement: We place a strong emphasis on community involvement and service projects, instilling a sense of responsibility and civic engagement in our graduates.
  8. Affordability: IAEC University Togo understands the financial aspects of education and offers various financial aid options, including scholarships, to make quality education accessible.
  9. Inspiring Campus: Our beautiful campus provides a picturesque and inspiring environment for learning, promoting creativity and a positive atmosphere for academic growth.
  10. Alumni Success: IAEC University’s Faculty of Engineering boasts a network of successful alumni who have made significant contributions to the engineering industry worldwide, offering a powerful network for future opportunities.

In summary, the Faculty of Engineering at IAEC University Togo is more than an institution of learning; it’s a pathway to a successful and fulfilling engineering career. With a commitment to academic excellence, practical experience, and a global perspective, IAEC University Togo prepares engineering students to make a significant impact on the world. Choose us, and together, we’ll engineer your future.

  • International Focus –  This approach to problem solving will broaden your worldview and help you understand different perspectives.
  • Residential Courses – People live while they are here studying and being cared for in the Institution.
  • Focus On People – A group of people passionate about changing the world and helping you live a life of purpose.
  • Student Dedication – Teaching Student to be devoted and Committed in their learning process.
  • Career Placement – This University offers helps to develop an appropriate job-seeking approach, depending on student courses, skill levels and personal circumstances.

Courses Covered under Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is an academic division at IAEC University Togo, devoted to study and research in engineering.