Committed to promoting the employment of youths, the African network for the training of science and energy of talent (RAFSET). Honorable innocent kagbara officially launch the project “5000 student’s social entrepreneurship scholarship program” in partnership with African Institute of Science Administration and Commercial Studies (IAEC University) on Wednesday 19th august 2020. This project by design, will ultimately allow beneficiaries not only to have a university degree but also to leave with a turnkey business.

In the face of Covid-19 pandemic, innovation is needed not only to promote the education of young people, but to ensure them real employ-ability.

In approach espoused by IAEC University and RAFSET, to jointly launch on Wednesday 19th  August 2020. The “5000 student’s social entrepreneurship scholarship program” project, a project which benefits from the support of partners such as the French Development Agency (AFD), and National Coalition for youth Employment (CNEJ). This project, is an innovation initiative which targets young people aspiring to obtain a university degree and also gives the opportunity to a turnkey social enterprise. The project will allow scholarship student to come out with a university degree and a social enterprise, which makes him/her an entrepreneur who can contribute to the creation of wealth.


To be a beneficiary of the “5000 students social entrepreneur scholarship” project, which support the university and entrepreneurial training of the student, the joint criterion should be an African Nationality.

However, the beneficiary of this project which will have to support the university training entrepreneurship, as well as business creation will have to commit to paying out of their income into social welfare.

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According to Honorable Innocent Kagbara, Executive Director of RAFSET, the project started from the observation that years to come, it is necessary to promote entrepreneurship, so we set up a project that benefit from the support of  AFD, CNEJ and IAEC, and they have co-signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in agreement to utilize the Online Learning Platform to be able to offer 5000 scholarships to Togolese and African youths who do not have the means or financial capability to commence a degree program. ”the goal is to incubate them to have a parchment, become self-employed, employers of labour, and develop a business”.

“Basically, opted for an online training, the social distancing imposed on us by the global pandemic cannot allow companies and universities of higher education to function as was done before, thus, our objectives through all these are targeted to ensure that those who are trained become champions”.

Recall that, the signing and exchange of document between the Director General of IAEC, Dr. Tiemede Kouakoulie, and the Executive Director of RAFSET, Hon. Innocent Kagbara on wednesday 19th August, 2020 denotes that the 5000 students social entrepreneur scholarship project has been launched.

Author: EUNICE KENNETH – Business Administration Student (IAEC University)